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Membership Registration

Welcome to SAMA Martial Arts registration. Please read these notes to help you understand the process.

As we work with lots of families, some with several family members enjoying Sama Martial Arts; we have made the registration system family focused. This means parents or guardians can register their children, this is because children under the age of 16 should not be providing their data online or setting up payments and subscriptions.
Please read the section below that relates to your required memberships. Please also note that after registration the members membership book will provided at the ‘School of Practice’ you have selected.

Registering for yourself (over 16s):

Simply Fill in all the required details and when asked for ‘TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP PLAN’ select ‘Adult One’, you must then fill in your name beneath the TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP PLAN selection.
You will be able to purchase more memberships for other family members once you have registered.

Registering for your Children:

Please fill in the first 3 sections with your own personal details, these ACCOUNT HOLDER, CONTACT and HOME ADDRESS details are also used to notify you of any changes and may also be used as emergency contact details if ever required.
The system only allows for one Membership Subscription on registration, so if you need several child or even adult memberships please select just one option in the TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP PLAN section, you will be able to purchase other memberships once you are registered. This is because each membership needs to have a specific time-stamps and renewals, handy for those who have renewals at different times of the year or new-comers from the family.
When you have made this selection please ensure you input that members Name, Date of Birth and any Medical notes we need to know in the fields below the Membership type selection area. If you are registering for a child you can leave the Adult Name section blank, and vice versa.

    If you are already an existing SAMA member that has already joined in the past via a school then please select RENEWAL. If you are brand new to Sama then please select NEWCOMER.

    This for the parent / lead member details.
  • Usernames cannot be changed.
  • Please specifiy your venue of practice:

  • Required phone number format: ###########
    Also used for emergency contact if ever required
  • Required phone number format: ###########


    You will be able to purchase extra membership plans in your Profile area once you are registered.
    - £30.00 / 1 Year
    - £20.00 / 1 Year
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